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Free Your CV Joint
You’ve been fighting with a stuck CV joint all day. At this point, you’re considering welding a piece of metal to the dang cup to get it out of the diff! Skip all those time-consuming tricks (that may or may not work) and get SuperATV’s UTV/ATV CV Axle Puller. We designed this axle puller tool to get the CV out with as little damage to the axle as possible.

  • Universal tool for all UTVs, ATVs, and many other vehicles
  • 8 bolt locations for maximum grip
  • Easy to hold and use

Universal Axle Puller for All ATVs and UTVs
Our handy axle tool works for almost any CV joint. Go ahead and leave the axle shaft attached—there’s plenty of room to fit the boots through the grip and angle the axle out of the way so you can get to work.

8 Bolt Holes for a Custom Bite
Most CV axle pullers come with two bolt holes. That’s not enough grip to pull out the most stubborn CV joints. And some come with four bolt holes, but then it can be difficult to get it situated just right. Our axle puller tool has eight holes to get a custom bite on the cup. We recommend using just four bolts, but we include eight, so you always have a replacement handy.

Knurled Slide Hammer
The real trick to working out those tricky axles is the slide hammer. Ours is knurled for an easy grip and has an etched SuperATV logo to add a little pizzazz. It weighs 4.7 lbs, which helps build force but won’t make it so heavy that it’s unwieldy. And the upper dowel makes the whole tool easier to use and hold. And since it’s made out of high-quality steel, you’d have to be an Olympic weightlifter to bend it out of shape. Trust SuperATV—the axle experts—to make the best axle puller around.


  • Universal axle puller tool for use with all ATVs, UTVs, and more
  • Quality steel construction
  • 8 bolt locations
  • Includes 4 spare bolts
  • 4.7 lbs slide hammer
  • Knurled slide hammer assembly
  • Upper T-handle


SKU: AXP-U-001-01
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